Course Offerings

  • ELD Reading

    ELD Emerging Reading

    • ELD Emerging Reading is a course designed for newcomers whose primary language is any other than English or for those students whose language is very limited and are labeled as ELD Emerging. The primary objective of this course is to provide students a strong foundation in the English language. Learners enrolled in this course will recognize and produce all phonemes in the English language. Students at this language level will learn basic decoding skills that will further help them develop reading fluency in English.

    ELD Expanding Reading

    • Students are exposed to various genres of English Literature. The focus of this course is to help expanding students develop critical thinking, analytical, and comprehension skills when reading English literature and further prepare them for analytical tasks in mainstream English courses.


    ELD Emerging Grammar/Writing

    • Designed for students with emerging writing skills. The primary objective of this course is for students to acquire a solid foundation in basic English grammar and writing.

    ELD Expanding Grammar/Writing

    • Students are introduced to various writing genres using the Jane Schaffer Writing Program. Grammar Lessons are critical component of this course.


    Emerging CVS

    • This course is designed for students whose skills are at the emerging level. The emphasis of this course is vocabulary development and acquisition. While enrolled in this course, students will further develop their listening, speaking, and spelling abilities. At the end of semester two, students will speak English and be able to sustain a full conversation in English.

    Expanding CVS

    • Designed for students who fall under the expanding language level descriptor. Students enrolled in this course will be able to sustain elaborate conversations in English and fluently communicate in English. This course is designed to further develop vocabulary, spelling, listening, and speaking abilities that will prepare students for mainstream courses.

    ELD Emerging Core

    • All students enrolled in the ELD program are required to take Emerging Core. Emerging Core is a course designed to provide students content knowledge using the Edge e common core aligned curriculum. Most ELD programs focus on language and ignore content based knowledge simply because the amount of hours devoted to ELD is limited. Our program provides students both language and content knowledge year round. Our goal is to give students universal access to state curriculum that is standards based aligned to ensure that mastery of content knowledge isn't ignored. The combination of courses offered to a year one student provide students with a balanced and well-rounded education.

    ELD Expanding Core

    • Expanding Core is a standards based aligned course that is designed to provide year two ELD students an equitable opportunity to master ELA Common Core Standards. This course meets A-G state requirements and provides students with multiple exposures to a wide variety of narrative, expository, and persuasive texts that will prepare students for their transition to mainstream English courses. The adopted model for this course is identical to that of a regular English course.

    All courses are taught by NCLB compliant instructors of English who strictly follow the English immersion model. All courses are strictly taught in English and instructors are required to provide students universal access to adopted curriculum and apply methodology that supports explicit direct instruction and differentiation process in all classrooms using ELD strategies. All courses are ELD standards based driven and target the ELD language domains despite the emphasis of each course. All students develop and refine their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in every course they take.