• Pharmacy Technician 

    As a Pharmacy Technician you will help the pharmacist prepare and mix prescriptions, maintain patient records, refer patients to the pharmacist for counseling, and assist with inventory control, payment, collection, purchasing and billing. This program includes 182 hours of classroom instruction and a      120-hour clinical pharmacy externship. Upon successful completion of the program, students may apply directly to the California Board of Pharmacy for the Pharmacy Technician License.

    Program Fee: $2,995 (includes CPR certification training for the Healthcare Provider, liability insurance, externship, name badge and certificate). No intertest payment plans are available, call today for more information! Textbooks, and sold scrubs separately.

    Prerequisites: 18 years of age and a high school diploma or equivalent.

    Upcoming Schedule:

    Classes start in October 2019

    To Register: Call (800) 927-5159 or call 661-721-4171, and check us out on our Facebook page 

    For more information click the CalRegional link