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Delano High's Charter Members

Delano High’s Athletic Hall of Fame committee recently released its list of “charter” members of the hall selected for baseball from 1940 through 1969.

Other sports charter members are: For tennis, Forrest Maynard, Bill Smith, Dick Wilson, Wesley Honbo, Sam Thompson and John Snyder. Mike Paniccia is selected for golf, and for basketball the choices are Jack Zaninovich, George Zaninovich, Angelo Kouklis, Eugene Hooks, Richard Troncozo, Leon Ingram, John Eastridge, Bill Higgins Carleton Greenwood Rick Carver, John Venerable, Sam Paguia, Mike Paguia, Angel Diaz, Fred Smith, Charles Kirksey, Bob Johnson, J. R. Williams, Victor Manzano, Steve Wilson, Ken Jelacich and Jeff Randolph.

Selected for track are Howard Starr, J. C. Hopkins, Eddie Cotton, Eugene Hooks, Richard Troncozo, Laurie Abbey, Paul Johnson, Charles Savage, Lon Spurrier, Ken Snelling, Leamon King, Leo Glass, Creth Rice, L. C. Taylor, James Clark, Ed Stevens, Ruben (Ruby) Hill, J. R. Williams, Jim Battles, Clim Jackson, Ray Burk, Efften Jones, Ron Suggs, Lawrence Lucas, Richard Williams, Monty Cartwright, John Cartwright, John Hooks, Craig Fair, Steve Johnson, Thermon Lewis, Dennis Sheehan, Norman Coleman, Leester Jones, Doug Clemmons, David Letlow, Johnny White, Chris Beck, John Beck, Gary Johnson, Dick Myer, Joe Ortega and Mike Avila.

Cross country charter members are Mike Avila, Tommy Martinez, John Martinez and Conrado Jazmin.

Wrestling charter members are Ernie Pye, Bob Burroughs, Joe Nigos, Major Edwards, Martin Mitchell, Dennis Sheehan, Armando Serna, Bob Morrison and Dan Brewer.

Water polo charter members are Richard Valero and Bill Regan, who were also selected for swimming along with Leonard Hall, Arlene Hall, Jack Scott, Scott Ellsworth, John Hiett, Tom Edick, John Hickok, Don Fipps, Monty Carpenter, John Helm, Ed Lindley, Pat Perelli-Minetti, Larry Lewis, Byron Lewis, Bob Higginbotham, Dorothy Gallego, Jennifer Crockett, Claire Underhill, Marica Johnson, Don Lipoma, Mike Johnson, Don Geivet, Dan Geivet, Irene LaVallee, Richard Taylor, Pat Hoy, Tom Dawson, Tim Dawson, Stacy Carpenter, Patti Wright, Karen King, Oleta Sadoy, Marilyn Dawson, Charles Mendenhall and Tim Adams.

The selection committee reported that additional charter nominees will be considered for the next five years. Those charter members who wish will be presented a certificate if they contact Hall of Fame chairman Monte Marshall, 661-725-7541.

Gary Girard