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Scholar Athlete named

Anthony Ontiveros Delano Joint Union High School District to recognize its first Hometown Sports Scholar Athlete of the Year!

Congratulations to Robert F. Kennedy High School's Anthony "Onti" Ontiveros!

Anthony "Onti" Ontiveros, son of Jose and Erika Ontiveros, has made history as Delano Joint Union High School District's first Hometown Sports Scholar Athlete of the Year.

For the past 33 years, KBAK 29's Hometown Sports have been selecting one Scholar Athlete from Kern County based on their hard work and success on the field and in the classroom.  According to Frank Wooldridge during the award ceremony aired on December 8, 2019, he stated that it is fitting Young Wooldridge sponsor the Scholar Athlete of the Year, because "we pride ourselves in serving Kern County through hard work and dedication."  Frank Wooldrige shared with the Robert F. Kennedy High School Principal Dolores Rodriguez that this is a "spectacular moment" for Anthony Ontiveros, his family, and community.  Anthony has certainly shined a beautiful light upon us.

Anthony has a deep love for learing and playing football.  He has completed his fourth and final football season - three as a varsity player - while completing AP and Honors courses and earning a 4.65 cumulative GPA.  Anthony has certainly proven to be a young man of integrity who believes in hard work and dedication.  There is no doubt this young man will achieve all of his goals.

RFKHS's Head Varsity Football coach Mario Millan shared that Onti never missed a practie during his four years as a Kennedy Thunderbird.  He stated that Onti is very respectful, hardworking, and a quiet leader who leads by example.

Anthony was also awarded a $1000 scholarship by Frank Wooldridge on behalf of The Law Office of Young Wooldridge to use towards his pursuit of an engineering degree.  Anthony has applied to several universities and is hopeful that he is accepted to Notre Dame or UCLA.

When asked, "What inspires you? What dreives you to be successful," Anthony humbly shared tha this story begins with his father, an immigrant who made sacrifices to move his family to the United States and provide the best opportunities for Anthony and his siblings.  Anthony shared that his father inspires him to always aim for greatness and never settle for anything less.  Anthony proudly accepts this award on behalf of his hero, Jose Ontiveros.

On behalf of the Delano Joint Union High School District and the Robert F. Kennedy High School community, we are extremely proud of Anthony!