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Robert F. Kennedy High School teacher named District Teacher of the Year

Special Education Teacher of Robert F. Kennedy High School, Mr. Christopher Anfoso, was selected as District Teacher of the Year and represented the Delano Joint Union High School District in the 2020-2021 Kern Country Teacher of the Year Program.

Mr. Anfoso, in the presence of his RFKHS peers and school administration, was presented with a plaque during an outdoor celebration. Principal Dolores Rodrigues shared the following about Mr. Anfoso:

Mr. Christopher Anfoso is a selfless educator who truly cares about our students, constantly accepting them unconditionally. Many alumni have attributed their current success to Mr. Anfoso’s willingness to spend countless hours beyond the school day to help them graduate. Students have shared that Mr. Anfoso’s belief in them has been the inspiration they needed to pursue their dreams. Parents have praised Mr. Anfoso for his patience with their children and respect he has for families.  


Mr. Anfoso is a spectacular example of all the great qualities every student deserves in a teacher. He sees the good and ability of all students always encouraging and motivating them to believe in themselves. He has an exceptional ability to connect with students helping them recognize and meet their potential. The compassion he has for his kids is second to none. He is an amazing person, very humble, and modest. He has time and time again proven to be someone to be reckoned with consistently making himself available far beyond the contractual working hours. It is without a doubt that he loves serving our students.  

Mr. Anfoso answered a few questions to share why he is spectacular to the Kennedy Thunderbirds.

First thoughts that came to your mind when you found out you were selected as teacher of the year?

I was surprised, because there are so many great teachers that I have met during my time at RFK.  I am honored to represent our school and district. 

What inspired you to choose teaching as a career?  

As a coach I learned that I was driven to help kids meet their goals of success.  I knew that I needed to be in a career where my role revolved around helping students succeed. 

What do you love about teaching?

The interactions with students and exploring new methods of instruction.  You meet a lot of great students in education that are truly inspiring

How has your role as a teacher evolved over the years you've been in the classroom?

I learned that every interaction with students matters,  whether it is asking about their day or things they are interested in.  Building rapport is a key component to good teaching.  I also enjoy learning new strategies for instruction.

Who was your favorite or most memorable teacher (if any) and why?

Mr. Regpala from Arvin High School. He is still teaching math at Arvin High!  He was my Algebra and Trigonometry teacher.  Mr. Regpala always had a calm and humorous demeaner in the classroom.   He made learning math interesting and fun

Chris Anfonso