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Alejandra Ayon, DJUHSD Classified Staff of the Year

Alejandra AyonAlejandra Ayon, Delano Adult School Principal’s Secretary

Upon entering the main lobby in the Delano Adult School, you’ll be greeted with a smile and plenty of empathy from an incredible person. Alejandra Ayon takes great pride in serving her school community. For 10 years Alex, as she is known on campus, has provided excellent quality service to the DAS community.  Her positive attitude, optimism, and genuine concern for others improves the desirability of the campus.  Alex provides a pleasant atmosphere while consistently helping others without expecting anything in return.  Ask anyone on the DAS campus to describe Alejandra and you will hear many positive things about her as she is respected, admired, and held in high regard by the administration, faculty, support staff, and students.  The school community genuinely believes that Alejandra is more than just a staff member because she is a person who embodies kindness, hard work-ethic, and demonstrates that she genuinely cares about the students and staff.