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Local student makes international competition

Congratulations to Gurnoor Bhatti for her recent accomplishment. She describes and reflects back on the competition.

"The competition I participated in is the Sikh Youth Symposium. It is a cultural and religious competition that teaches the youth about Sikhism. There a five different age groups, and each age group is assigned a different novel about the teachings and other aspects of Sikhism. After completing the novel, competitors must answer a series of questions related to the novel and format a speech from the questions they are given. There is a local competition, where you compete against the other competitors in your town. The top three selected in each age group from the local competition move on to the regional competition in Bakersfield. At the regional competition, all local competitors compete against the winners that were selected from their local competitions. The first- place winner from each age group then moves on to the international level, where children from around the United States compete. I was extremely fortunate that my brother and I were both regional winners from our respected age groups and were able to compete in at the international level, which was held in Dayton, Ohio this year. The reason I participated in this competition was because I wanted to be able to display my understanding of the Sikh heritage. It was a very thrilling experience because I was able to meet many influential individuals and learn more about my culture. It was a fun trip as well because I was able to go out of state. It was intimidating to go out and compete because there were competitors from all over the United States; however, I went out with complete confidence and performed my best. It was a surreal time that I was able to experience, and I was extremely grateful that I was given this chance. I cannot wait to compete again this year and the years to come and hopefully move on to the international level once again, which is being held in Detroit, Michigan this year."


Gurnoor Bhatti

Distinguished Speaker Award