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Another Successful FBLA Conference

A trip that unforgettably went smoothly for the Future Business Leaders of America, took place on February 8, 2020 at Redwood High School in Visalia, CA.  The members of this organization didn't leave empty handed, according to President Paola Garcia who said, "It went very well and a lot of us placed.  We have about ten moving to state, including myself.  There's Mark, Parneet, Gurnoor, Karanbir, Chelsea, Rick, etc."  Her parter in crime, Cassandra Mangohig and FBLA Vice-President state, "I didn't place but I won a laptop!"  So even with what could be a loss, there was a silver lining.  The members left Visalia victorious and ready to enter state.


  • Gurnoor Bhatti - Creed - 1st
  • Paola Garcia & Mark Pinolia - Management Decision Making - 1st
  • Karanbir Sunner - Introduction to Business Procedures - 2nd
  • Karanbir Sunner - Introduction to Information Technology - 2nd
  • Andre Calibuso - Economics - 5th
  • Andre Calibuso - Cyber Security - 2nd
  • Jylen Paraiso - Business Communication - 5th
  • Jylen Paraiso - Securities & Investments - 6th
  • Elizette Ignacio - Cyber Security - 8th
  • Regina Castro - Economics - 10th
  • Mark Pinolia - Health Care Administration - 9th
  • Chelsea Lauricio - Health Care Administration - 10th
  • Rick Ecijan - Introduction to Business Communication - 9th
  • Gurnoor Bhatti - Introduction to Business Communication - 6th


FBLA members with Awards

Sarah Rosales, Grapevine Writer