Welcome to Valley High School

  • On behalf of the teachers and  staff,  it is my pleasure to welcome you to Valley High School.  Valley High School has been serving the students of Delano for over 40 years and the staff is continuing to work hard at meeting the needs of all our students. Our vision at Valley is to equip students with the skills necessary to thrive in college or a career.  Our expected student learner outcomes are:


    E – Empower students to achieve academically and be socially aware.

    A – Acquire 21c. skills to be college and career ready.

    G – Graduate proficient in literacy, numeracy and technology.

    L – Learn to communicate, collaborate, think critically and be lifelong problem solvers.

    E – Encourage diversity, cooperation, community service, and global responsibility.

    The staff and students at Valley High School have received several awards due to their hard work and dedication. In previous years, Valley has earned the U.S. News and World Report Bronze Medal for their growth and success on the California Standards Test. Valley has also  earned the California Model Continuation High School Award which is a great honor. The award is given to the highest performing continuation high schools who offer great programs for students, continue to increase graduation rates, and equip students with skills to be successful in the 21st century. Valley High School has also received a six-year accreditation with a one day review for its’ excellent job with the self-study.

    Please explore the different web links, stay informed of the different programs offered, keep in touch with current events, and support our student body by joining us in the various extracurricular activities and events. We are confident that Valley High School will continue to be a great alternative education school with the support of our parents and our community. If you have any questions please contact us at (661) 720-4181.