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    Robert F. Kennedy High School recognizes the need for students to develop as whole persons and offers opportunities to participate in clubs, sports, leadership training, and community service. We strive to encourage the interpersonal growth of our students through Associated Student Body activities that nurture interpersonal skills.

    The Associated Student Body Council of RFKHS is a non-profit student organization. The specific purpose of this organization is to provide a means for responsible and effective participation in the governance of the campus; provide an official voice through which students’ opinions may be expressed; foster awareness of these opinions; assist in the protection of the rights and interests of the individual student and student body; provide services and programs as deemed necessary by the organization to meet the needs of the student and campus community; and to stimulate the educational, social, physical, and cultural well-being of the School community. The Associated Students’ services and programs shall be established for the purpose of providing essential activities closely related to RFKHS educational programs. 

    About ASB

    What is ASB?

    ASB stands for Associated Student Body. When ASB is referred to, it means the group of students that is selected and elected to represent the entire student body of RFKHS. This the student government of RFK.

    What does ASB do?

    ASB is responsible for three main objectives:

    1.      Providing student activities that raise the school spirit and assist in creating a positive school culture.
    2.      Managing the finances of all student groups (clubs and sports) according to State accounting policies.
    3.      Representing the voice of Robert F. Kennedy High School students to staff, school district, and the community. 

    Our three objectives highly support our school motto, “Thunderbirds are Built Not Born. We are Fearless and All In. We are Kennedy Strong. Thunderbirds Love Teal and Live Gold” and achieve 100% student involvement.

    What does it take to be in ASB?

    ASB members must be leaders. The qualities of a good leader include honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, reliability, willingness to work hard, humility, respect for both adults and fellow students, and school pride. You must have at least a 2.5 GPA, be in good academic standing, and maintain high academic and personal standards both on and off campus.

    How does someone join ASB?

    • The ASB Executive President and Vice President are elected every spring and serve through the following spring. The elected President and VP select from applicants who have served in the capacity of Senator or Class Officer for a minimum of one year. The President and VP appoint the following positions: Secretary, Treasurer, Rallies Commissioner, Publicity Commissioner, Publicity Technician, Clubs/Sports Commissioner, Recognitions Commissioner, Activities Commissioner, and Spirit Commissioner. Executive Officers hold office for one year and a maximum of two years.
    • Class Presidents are elected for one year. Elected Presidents appoint the following positions, but not limited to: Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian from its class members. Elections are held in the spring for Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores. The freshman president is elected during the first month of the new school year. 

    • ASB Senate is selected through an application process in the beginning of 1st and 2nd semester. Senators are appointed to serve as cabinet members for Executive Officers except for the President and VP.

    • All members of the student government support each other in their work and are expected to help each other in the preparation, setup, and clean up of all activities. Every member of ASB is expected to serve as positive role models for the student body and the Delano community.

    How do I find out more?

    To learn more about ASB’s roles and functions, getting into ASB, or getting involved at Robert F. Kennedy High School, please do not hesitate to email Antonio Medina – Student Activities Director.

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