Welcome to the Art Department

  • Art Department Mission

    Our mission at Cesar E. Chavez Art Department is to create a learning environment where the students will perceive and understand the world we live through basic knowledge of the visual arts. Creative learning will encourage the student to relate visual knowledge to other core subjects and to respond with originality, appreciation, flexibility, and imagination.

    Art Department Goals

    The overall goals of the Art Department at CCHS

    • Encourage each student to reach their full potential and extend their artistic abilities.
    • Provide students with experiences that promote individual creativity and learning styles.
    • Students will learn and use the Elements and Principles of Art when expressing themselves through their artwork.
    • Appreciate other cultures and historical periods.
    • Study and understand different careers in the art field.
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of art terminology.
    • Study art criticism and be able to critique their own work as well as others.
    • Through personal expression and communication, the student will develop technical skills with a variety of art mediums.
    • Strengthen perceptual awareness and develop critical thinking skills through sensory experiences.
    • Exposure to different cultures, artists, and art history, will help the student develop into a well-rounded and creative individual.