Welcome to the Counseling Department

  • The Guidance Department provides a very important service to the total school population. Guidance and counseling involves the process of consulting, providing information and coordinating services for all students. Students, parents, and teachers are encouraged to use the services provided by the counselors. Counselors work with student to:

    Provide information or point out sources of information; sort out what decisions need to be made or identify what problems need a decision while exploring various alternatives. Students often want to see their counselor about their current classes, test interpretations, school, peer, or family problems, educational planning, and vocational information.

    Chavez High students consult with counselors about:

    School or Educational Issues - grades, attendance, course selection, schedule changes, test scores, graduation requirements, various school programs (Summer School, PACT, Valley High, ELD, Special Education, Work Experience, CTE courses, Edgenuity, Dual Enrollment, Independent Studies, etc.), progress reports, teachers, study habits, conferences, and progress toward graduation.

    Career Planning - job market, vocational aptitude results, ASVAB scores, SAT/ACT scores, making choices, interest, four-year plan, college majors, college entrance requirements (exams, grades, etc.) cost of college, trade schools, military, which schools are best.

    Personal matters - self-image, drugs/alcohol/physical abuse, fear/hopes, peer problems, family changes, pregnancy, motivation, depression, gang affiliation, drop-out prevention, grief, community resources, values and conflicts.

    A student needing to see his/her counselor should fill out a “Request to See Counselor” form. These forms are in the counseling office lobby. The counselors are all available before and after school and during lunchtime.

    Contact the counseling office at 661-720-4513 if you need further information.