Welcome to the English Language Department

  • ELD courses are designed to improve English language proficiency in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of English.  The goal of these classes is to prepare students to successfully transition into mainstream English. A variety of ELD instructional methods and strategies are used to enhance their command of the English Language and become proficient and confident writers, readers and speakers. Students' work in these classes will provide excellent preparation for district or state tests.

    Students enrolled in English Language Development (ELD) Reading are also enrolled in a Conversation, Vocabulary and Spelling (CVS) course as well as Grammar and Writing course to support each level of English competency from Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels. 

    The goals of the ELD Program are:

    • To accelerate English Learners' acquisition of basic intercommunication skills, as well as cognitive academic language proficiency to enable them to participate fully in the mainstream classroom.
    • To provide all students with an understanding of and respect for each other's cultural traditions and values.
    • To develop a positive self-concept, an ability to relate well to others, and acceptable standards of conduct and citizenship

    Department Chair: Eden Gabriel