Welcome to the English Department

  • English Department Mission Statement:

    • It is the mission of the Delano High School English Department to develop  reading, writing, and thinking skills, and effective communication and social awareness skills in our students.
    • We will know that our students are achieving these goals through the use of summative and formative assessments, as well as explicit direct instruction.
    • Students who are struggling to achieve these goals will be remediated through re-teaching, afterschool tutorial, Mandatory Afterschool Tutorial, as well as other District approved support services.

    English Department Vision Statement:

    • We envision a department in which teachers promote grade-level academic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills which will lead to  students who are confident, competent, life-long learners.

    English Department Values:  

    • We will model the skills and attitudes we expect from our students.  

    English Department Goals:

    • We will establish a positive learning environment in which grade-level cohorts will support the department’s mission, vision, and values.

    About the DHS English Department:

    • The Delano High School English Department fully embraces the idea that every student can learn to improve his or her reading, writing, and thinking skills. In order to make sure that our students are given the most rigorous and relevant education, our teachers work collaboratively on developing curriculum that is up-to-date and engaging and focused on supporting the learning process. Each English classroom is fitted with a Smart Board and an ELMO Document camera which allows teachers to incorporate technology daily. We also offer afterschool tutorial for students who need extra help reaching their educational goals, as well as other afterschool academic support programs.