Welcome to the Academy of Medical Science

  • What is the Academy of Medical Sciences?

    The Academy of Medical Sciences is a unique partnership between education and industry. This three year program operates on the campus of Delano High School. Students choosing the Health Careers Path will be offered a wide variety of experiences and medical knowledge integrated into academic classes. 

    What AMS can do for you

    • Help you gain valuable information and data on careers in the health industry.
    • Real life experiences, job shadowing and internships with health professionals.
    • Increase your academic skills and broaden your options for the future
    • Earn certificates of competence in basic health care skills
    • Preparation for workforce and college.
    • Earn Bakersfield College credit.

    Academy of Medical Sciences Curriculum

    Students enrolled in the Academy of Medical Sciences fulfill all college prep graduation requirements. Medicine and health related topics are integrated into academic classes. With the job shadowing program, students get "real life" applications of knowledge and hands on skills.  

    Course Offerings 

    • 10th Grade- HCA Health/Career Exploration 
    • HCA CP English
    • HCA CP Biology

    11th Grade- Medical Terminology 

    • HCA CP English
    • HCA CP Chemistry
    • HCA CP History
    • Job Shadowing

    12th Grade- North Kern Vocational Training 

    • Medical Receptionist
    • Nursing Assistant Training
    • Health Careers

    All courses will have intensive support by providing college tours, industry mentors, and qualified faculty with health care experience.