Welcome to ASB

  • ASB stands for Associated Student Body. The ASB Executive Cabinet, or student government, serves Delano High School by voicing and addressing student opinions and needs, upholding our school ASB Constitution, overseeing the expenditures of student funds, raising funds through the Student Store and athletic concessions, supporting and recognizing campus clubs and organizations, and sponsoring many school-wide programs and events.  There are currently 9 executive officers and each position oversees a committee of Senate Officers. 


    Vice President



    Sports Commissioner

    Spirits Commissioner

    Public Affairs Commissioner

    Rallies Commissioner


    The primary goals of ASB are to create a memorable experience for all students on campus, to promote Tiger unity and spirit, and to grow as student leaders. ASB actively works to ensure that student activities and campus life are alive and well to promote positive school culture.

    “We, the Associated Student Body, actively represent the opinions of the student body to the fullest extent of our ability. We accept the responsibility to be a service to the students and staff of Delano High School. We commit ourselves to promote the ideals of the democratic process, school spirit, and campus unity. We encourage the involvement of students and staff in extracurricular activities; academic, athletic and artistic recognition; and school-wide traditions. We hold true to the values of servant leadership, integrity and diversity to better represent the student body. We cherish the concerns and questions of the student body and assure the ethical and consistent representation for all students in all forums to the fullest extent.”

    Please contact  ASB Director Jake Gutierrez at  661-720-4301 for more information.