Welcome to Student Health Services

  • The Governing Board recognizes that good physical and mental health is critical to a student's ability to learn and believes that all students should have access to comprehensive health services. The district may provide access to health services at or near district schools through the establishment of a school health center and/or mobile van(s) that serve multiple campuses.

    The Board and the Superintendent or designee shall collaborate with local and state agencies and health care providers to assess the health needs of students in district schools and the community. Based on this needs assessment and the availability of resources, the Superintendent or designee shall recommend for Board approval the types of health services to be provided by the district.

    The Board may employ or contract with health care professionals or partner with community health centers to provide the services under the terms of a written contract or memorandum of understanding.

    Board approval shall be required for any proposed use of district resources and facilities to support school health services. The Superintendent or designee shall identify funding opportunities available through grant programs, private foundations, and partnerships with local agencies and organizations.

    The Superintendent or designee shall coordinate the provision of school health services with other student wellness initiatives, including health education, programs that address nutrition and physical fitness, and other activities designed to create a healthy school environment. The Superintendent or designee shall encourage joint planning and regular communications among health services staff, district administrators, teachers, counselors, other staff, and parents/guardians.