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  • Tiger nine wins

  • DHS tennis boys drop EYL opener

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  • Delano baseball in Terrio Classic

  • Delano softball starts with win

  • Nava champion for DHS wrestling

  • Leamon King (Delano HS)

    Nation's Fastest Prep Sprinter of the early-mid 1950's

    He was the nation's fastest prep a half a century ago! From the Central Section and Delano HS, Leamon King blazed 9.6 (100 yards) and 20.5 (220 yards on the straightaway), the latter a National Record in the Section finals in 1953, a mark set when he was an eleventh grader. He placed in the State meet sprints all four years as a high-schooler.

    At one of the schools I taught at the librarian was going to throw out all the coaching magazines that had been there since the school's start in the early 1950's - I grabbed them and cut out quite a few track and field articles, finding some of them from the early 1950's interesting reading. One was about the training of the young man who was possibly the nation's top sprinter, Lemon King, at the time in 1952, just a sophomore, in the Central Section, but already with bests of 9.7 for the then run 100 yards and 21.3 for the 220. The Coaching magazine contained an article on King's career and training, and it is kind of interesting to see what the State's top sprinter from that time did for workouts - compared to what folks do now a days it does not seem that he was overworked (to put it mildly - cold days had his workout sitting in the gym, "watching basketball practice."). Anyway, a half a century ago, what was the state's best doing for preparation - I think the quote in the article about him running 10.0 (100y) and 20.5 (220y) in his first prep race ever was probably 10.0 and 22.5 (the 20.5 was his prep best achieved after 3 years of prep running) - anyway read on!

    Leamon did later competed for the University of California Berkeley, and equalled the World Record for 100 meters at 10.1 in 1956 and was on the US gold medal winning relay squad in that year's Olympic Games -

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    Source: http://archive.dyestat.com/news/tr2004/1-Jan04/24LKing/24LKing.htm