About Our School

  • In August 2003, Cesar E. Chavez High School (CCHS) opened its doors to the students of Delano. This historic occasion marked the beginning of a new educational era in the city of Delano. Our students and school community exude "Titan Pride", and we enjoy sharing our accomplishments with parents and community members.  

    Located in the southern part of the Central San Joaquin Valley, Delano is an agricultural community which straddles the southern end of Tulare County and northern Kern County. Cesar E. Chavez High School serves students in Delano as well as the surrounding rural communities and/or districts. These feeder districts include, Earlimart, Pond, Allensworth, Richgrove and Columbine and serve approximately 1,450 students in grades nine through twelve.

    CCHS offers a comprehensive standards-based curriculum, preparing students for post-secondary education opportunities and entrance into the workforce. Our departments include Language Arts (includes foreign languages), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Business Education, State Requirements (Health and First Aid), Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Physical Education, Music and Art.

    Our community is a diverse one. Over the last ten years, Delano has drawn a high number of immigrants from Mexico and, to a much lesser extent, the Philippines. Our student population is 86% Hispanic and 9% Filipino. The remaining five percent includes African American, Caucasian, Middle Eastern and students from a variety of other cultures. Cesar E. Chavez High School prides itself on its cultural diversity. As the City sign declares, "Delano, an International Community Working Together."

    Our motto is that we are "a school where learning and academic achievement is fostered, recognized, and celebrated." Teachers, parents, students, and staff work hard to create a unique Titan culture and our efforts have been reflected through the accolades we've received throughout the years. Click on the thumbnails below for more information. 

    CCHS's mission is to provide every student with a clean, safe, and orderly environment which will foster maximum academic achievement, technological skills, social awareness, and personal growth.

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