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  • The Governing Board recognizes that adequate, nourishing food is essential to student health, development, and ability to learn. The Superintendent or designee shall develop strategies to increase students' access to the district's food service programs and to maximize their participation in available programs.

    Foods and beverages available through the district's food service program shall: 1) Be carefully selected so as to contribute to students' nutritional well-being and the prevention of disease; 2) Meet or exceed nutrition standards specified in law and administrative regulation; 3) Be prepared in ways that will appeal to students, retain nutritive quality, and foster lifelong healthful eating habits; 4) Be served in age-appropriate portions; 5) Be available to students who meet federal eligibility criteria at no cost or at reduced prices, and to other students at reasonable prices.

    The district's food service program shall give priority to serving unprocessed foods and fresh fruits and vegetables.

    District schools are encouraged to establish school gardens and/or farm-to-school projects to increase the availability of safe, fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables for school meals and to support the district's nutrition education program.

    To encourage student participation in school meal programs, schools may offer multiple choices of food items within a meal service, provided all food items meet nutrition standards and all students are given an opportunity to select any food item.

    The Superintendent or designee may invite students and parents/guardians to participate in the selection of foods of good nutritional quality for school menus.

    The Board desires to provide students with adequate time and space to eat meals. To the extent possible, school, recess, and transportation schedules shall be designed to encourage participation in school meal programs.

    The Superintendent or designee shall periodically review the adequacy of school facilities for cafeteria eating and food preparation.

    In accordance with law, the Superintendent or designee shall develop and maintain a food safety program in order to reduce the risk of foodborne hazards at each step of the food preparation process, from receiving to service.

    The Superintendent or designee shall annually report to the Board on student participation in the district's nutrition programs and the extent to which the district's food services program meets state and federal nutrition standards for foods and beverages.


    For more information, please contact:

    Andrea Popoy
    Food Service Supervisor

    Maria Valdez
    Nutritional Services Secretary