• Customer Service:  Everyone's Responsibility

    The Delano Joint Union High School District is a service organization.

    We provide support to our customers:  faculty, staff, students, parents, visitors, and guests.

    Students and parent are our primary customers.

    Each time we engage a customer, we represent our department, our program, our school site, our employee group, and our school district.

    Each of us is personally responsible for providing "Five Star Service" to our customers in every area.

    Five Star Service

    • Treating customers as we would liek to be treated.
    • Bsing our actions on core values.
    • Treating each other with respect and professionalism, essential for our customers service efforts with the external public.
    • Consistent with our District-wide core values of character, loyalty, and excellence, we will maintain the follwoing Customer Service Core Values when serving our customers:

    Core Value:  Character

    • Treat customers with dignity, respect, and courtesy
    • Listen attentively and objectively to the needs of the customer.

    Core Value:  Loyalty

    • Respond to customers in a timely, efficient and responsible manner.
    • Respect the rights of the customers to confidentiality.

    Core Value:  Excellence

    • Respond to customers with accurate and complete answers.
    • Connect the customers to staff members who can and will assist them (no "run around").
    • Solicit feedback from customers on improving programs and services.

    Customer Service:  "Five-Star Sevice" for every customer, every day


    • All customers will be treated with respect and in a friendly manner.
    • Staff will listen to customers and take their views, wishes, and needs seriously.
    • Customers will be directed to the appropriate person for assistance.


    • Our staff members will maintain the customer's confidentiality and privacy.
    • We will share information about our customers only as necessary for business purposes.