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School Boundaries


    The Governing Board shall establish school attendance boundaries in order to maximize the efficient use of district facilities and effective administration of district schools. The Superintendent or designee shall periodically review school attendance boundaries and, as necessary, make recommendations to the Board for boundary adjustments. 

    When reviewing school attendance boundaries, the Superintendent or designee shall consider the following factors:

    1.         School enrollment data, including declining enrollment patterns

    2.         Facility capacity and design, including potential commercial and residential developments

    3.         School feeder patterns, including maintaining, to the extent practicable, continuity of student attendance

    4.         Federal, state, or court mandates

    5.         Community input

    6.         Student safety

    7.         Transportation capacity

    8.         Community and neighborhood identity

    9.         Geographic features of the district, including traffic patterns

    10.       Educational programs, such as magnet schools and charter schools

    11.       Consistency between municipal boundaries and high school boundaries

    12.       Other factors

    In order to alleviate overcrowding, the Superintendent or designee may place some students in a school outside of their attendance area.  Parents/guardians of students who are attending schools outside of their attendance area shall be notified of the school their child will be attending as soon as possible.  If available, transportation shall be provided for such students.


School Boundaries Map

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For more information, please contact:

  • Elsa Jauregui
    Superintendent Secretary
    District Office
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