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  • The Governing Board recognizes that the business and other noninstructional operations of the district support the educational program by maximizing and prioritizing resources and providing a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.  The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the district's business and noninstructional operations are efficient and responsive to the needs of students, parents/guardians, staff, and the community.

    The district shall maintain high standards of safety in the operation of facilities, equipment, and services. The Superintendent or designee shall establish a risk management program that promotes safety and protects district resources.

    In the development of a district budget, the Board and the Superintendent or designee shall establish a calendar that reflects the full budget cycle and a process that satisfies the requirements of law, including opportunities for public input.  The Superintendent or designee shall provide fiscal data and prepare a proposed budget document within the budget priorities and parameters set by the Board.  The Board shall adopt a budget that is aligned with the district's vision and goals and enables the district to meet its fiscal obligations.

    The Board expects sound fiscal management from the administration. The Superintendent or designee shall administer the adopted budget in accordance with Board policies and accepted business practices.

    The Board shall monitor financial operations so as to ensure the district's fiscal integrity and accountability to the community. The Superintendent or designee shall complete all required financial reports, facilitate the independent audit process, recommend financial plans for meeting program needs, and keep the Board informed about the district's fiscal and noninstructional operations.

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