Education Protection Account (EPA) Expenditures

  • With the passage of Proposition 30 and pursuant to Article XIII, Section 36 of the California Constitution, school districts, county offices of education, and community college districts are required to determine how funding received from the Education Protection Account is spent in the school or schools within its jurisdiction, provided that the governing board makes the spending determinations in an open session of a public meeting.  With the passage of Proposition 55 in November 2016, voters approved to extend EPA entitlements through the 2030-2031 fiscal year.

    The language in the constitutional amendment requires that funds shall not be used for the salaries and benefits of administrators or any administrative costs and requires that all Local Education Agencies (LEAs) report the accounting of EPA revenues and expenditures on their district website.  As is reflected in the expenditure reports provided below, the Delano Joint Union High School District has used the Education Protection Account funds for the costs of teachers’ salaries and benefits.