Classified Absence Reporting

  • All classified staff are required to report all absences in advance to the Human Resource Technician.

    Judy Prieto Martinez, Human Resources Technician

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    Frontline Education Absence Management


    An absence exists when an employee is not physically present at their work site/work station during their normal work schedule for any length of time and for any reason.

    All classified employees are required to report all absences at least one half hour prior to the start of their work schedule. Employees are required to notify the Human Resources Technician any time they will not be at their work site/work station, at their scheduled time, to report to work.

    When contacting the Human Resources Technician, clearly state your name, work site, supervisor, reason you are going to be absent or late (for example, sickness for self, family illness), and the expected length of your absence.

    Bus Drivers, Food Service Workers, and other employees who begin their work day prior to 7:30 a.m. are also required to notify their supervisor at least two hours prior to the start of the work day or as early as possible. Other classified employees may be required by their supervisor to call him/her to report an absence, in addition to contacting the Human Resources Technician.

    All classified employees who need to leave during the day for an appointment or an emergency are required to notify their supervisor and the Human Resources Technician. Upon return to their work site/work station, employees are again required to notify the Human Resources Technician.

    On the date when returning to work from an absence, all classified employees are directed to fill out the Personal Necessity/Leave Request Form reporting their absence from work, and submit the completed form to their immediate supervisor.