Certificated Absence Reporting

  • Frontline Absence Management

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    DJUHSD uses an absence management service from Frontline Education, formerly Aesop, which greatly simplifies the process of recording and managing absences and finding substitutes.  The Frontline Absence Management solution is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed online, by telephone, or via the employee mobile app.

    To minimize the disruption to the instructional setting, it is imperative that all certificated staff follow the protocol to have adequate and timely coverage for their respective classroom assignments. All absences must be submitted on Frontline as soon as you know you will be absent, including single period absences. Substitutes arranged by site secretaries must be submitted in frontline by the secretary or teacher who is requesting the absence, unless it is for school business. If an absence is covered with period subs, submit it as “no sub required”. Absences that do not require a sub must also be submitted on Frontline, including co-teaching classes and prep/resource periods. An absence exists when an employee is not physically present at their work site during their normal work schedule. There is an option on frontline that allows an employee to submit the absence as “no sub required”.

    When entering an absence, please wait until you receive a confirmation number before you terminate the phone call or close your internet browser window. Your absence is not fully submitted until you receive a confirmation number. You can report absences using the district web page or the Frontline website: app.frontlineeducation.com. You can also use the mobile app, or the automated phone system toll free at 1-800-942-3767. Full day absences on modified schedules must be submitted as full day absence from 7:40am-3:15pm as teachers are getting paid for a full day. When submitting an absence, make sure to pay close attention to the type of absence and absence start/end time.

    Absence Type - Start/End Time

    This is the employee’s type of absence: Full Day, Half Day AM, Half Day PM, and Custom. DO NOT USE the Half Day AM or the Half Day PM option. The hours of the absence/sub report time do not coincide with the start time of the two lunches. Therefore, the sub will report to the site at the wrong time. Please customize the time that the sub should arrive to ensure he/she arrives on time.

    Sub Times - Start/End Time

    On Sub Times, an employee enters if it is for a full day absence or enters Custom to customize the sub times. The Start Time/End Time is where the employee needs to note the time that the sub must report to the site. This should be 10-15 minutes before the absence start time to ensure that the sub arrives on time to their respective classrooms. The sub report time will not be deducted from the respective teacher’s sick leave.

    The cut off time for same day absences is 6:30 am. Please contact me ASAP at 661-720-4109 and/or email me at mcortez@djuhsd.org if you need to submit/cancel an absence after that time and your principal secretary. When calling in to report an absence or late, clearly state your name, work site, absence reason (for example, sickness for self, family illness, P/N), and the expected length of your absence or periods. Any absence reported with no specified reason will be coded as personal necessity.

    For emergency absences that cannot be submitted on Frontline, if Frontline is down or if you need to leave ASAP, contact your site principal secretary, principal and/or administrator ASAP. If you cannot reach an administrator, call me and/or email me ASAP. For CCHS, contact Eva Torres at 661-720-4504, for RFK contact Kim Nasca at 661-720-5101, for DHS contact Isabel Garza at 661-720-4124, for VHS contact Therese Truman at 661-720-4188 and for DAS contact Alejandra Ayon at 661-720-4173.

    If you need help submitting an absence on Frontline or are not sure how to submit the absence, please call me and I will help you and/or email you instructions on how to submit it. If you get locked out, Frontline resets itself after 10 minutes. You can try to log in after 10 minutes.

    It is the teacher's responsibility to provide lesson plans for the substitute. Lesson plans must be emailed to the principal secretary and your department chair.

    Certificated Absence Forms

    Submit a Certificated Absence form to your principal's office as soon as you know you are going to be absent or upon your return. Certificated absence forms must be completed and submitted 3 days in advance except for emergencies as per collective bargaining agreement. For unplanned emergency absences, fill out form as soon as you return to work (AR4161.1). A certificated absence form must be submitted for any school business absence (Professional Development, Conferences). Inform your principal’s secretary ASAP of any absence corrections. A revised daily report of teacher absence is needed any time a correction is made after original daily has been submitted. All certificated absence forms for the school year must be submitted before the end of the school year as part of the checkout process. The checkout form will not be signed until all absence forms are submitted. The certificated absence form is used not only for documentation, but also to clarify any discrepancies that were not inputted on Frontline or noted on the daily report of teacher absences.

    Reminder: A doctor’s note will be required if you are absent for more than 3 days due to an extended illness. Please be sure to attach a doctor’s note to your certificated absence form and email it to the district substitute coordinator. Once teacher is on extended sick leave (has run out of sick leave), he/she must provide a doctor’s note for any day/periods in which teacher will be absent. Failure to provide a doctor’s note will result in a full dock. Ed code 44983 and Article 4 TACBA.

    Jury Duty Absences

    A jury duty summons does not constitute an absence. An absence for jury duty is permitted upon individual being selected by jury services to report for service. Upon completion of service, individuals must submit a “Certification of Jury Service” detailing the day(s) in which individual was requested to report. This document must be submitted immediately upon individual’s return. Failure to provide “Certification of Jury Service” will result in individual’s personal necessity to be used.


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