Transportation Services

  • With the Governing Board's authorization, transportation services may be provided or arranged by the district for:

    1) Students traveling to and from school during the regular school day;

    2) Field trips and excursions;

    3) School activities, expositions or fairs, or other activities determined to be for the benefit of students;

    4) District employees and parents/guardians traveling to and from educational activities authorized by the district;

    5) Preschool or nursery school students;

    6) Students traveling to full-time occupational classes provided by a Regional Occupational Program or Center;

    7) Students traveling to and from their places of employment during the summer in connection with a summer employment program for youth;

    8) Matriculated or enrolled adults traveling to and from school, or adults for educational purposes other than to and from school;

    9) Private school students, in the same manner and on the same routes provided for district students;

    10) Nonschool purposes as allowed by law, such as: a) Community recreation; b) Public transportation; c) Transportation of government employees to and from their places of employment.

    The district shall provide home-to-school transportation and additional transportation services as needed for students with disabilities as specified in their individualized education programs.

    The Superintendent or designee shall provide transportation to homeless children in accordance with law, Board policy and administrative regulation.

    The district may provide transportation for students, employees, and other individuals for field trips and other school-related trips approved according to Board policy and administrative regulation. The Superintendent or designee shall determine the most appropriate and cost-effective mode of transportation for each approved trip. He/she may authorize the use of district vehicles, contract to provide transportation, or arrange transportation by the use of other vehicles. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the district or contractor has sufficient liability insurance for transportation on school-related trips. When district transportation is provided, students may be released from using district transportation only with the advance written permission of their parents/guardians.
    The district may provide transportation in buses or other school or public transportation vehicles for field trips and excursions in connection with instruction or school-related social, educational, cultural, athletic or school band activities. School-related organizations requesting transportation shall be fully responsible for the costs of their trips unless funding has been approved by the Board.