Student Drivers & Private Vehicles

  • Student Drivers

    When district transportation is provided, students may be released from using district transportation only with the advance written permission of their parent/guardian.

    Transportation by Private Vehicle

    The Superintendent or designee may authorize the transportation of students by private vehicle when the vehicle is driven by an adult age 21 or older who possesses a valid California driver's license or, if he/she is a nonresident on active military duty in California, possesses a valid license from his/her state of residence. To be approved, a driver shall have a good driving record and possess at least the minimum insurance required by law. Any person providing transportation to district students in a private vehicle shall register with the district for such purposes. Drivers shall receive safety and emergency instructions which shall be kept in their vehicle. All student passengers shall submit permission slips signed by their parents/guardians. Teachers shall ensure that each driver has a copy of the permission slip for each student riding in his/her vehicle. The number of passengers, including the driver, shall not exceed the capacity for which the vehicle was designed. Trucks may not transport more persons than can safely sit in the passenger compartment. The driver shall ensure that the manufacturer's recommendations for his/her vehicle are followed regarding the seating of children in seats equipped with airbags. The driver or any other person shall not smoke or have in his/her immediate possession a lighted pipe, cigar, or cigarette containing tobacco or any other plant when there is a minor in the motor vehicle, whether the motor vehicle is in motion or at rest.