• The Governing Board shall make every effort to maintain a safe, positive school environment and student services that promote student welfare and academic achievement.  The Board expects students to make good use of learning opportunities by demonstrating regular attendance, appropriate conduct, and respect for others.

    The Board is fully committed to providing equal educational opportunities  and keeping the schools free from discriminatory practices.  The Board shall not tolerate the intimidation or harassment of any student for any reason.

    The Superintendent or designee shall establish and keep parents/guardians and students well informed about school and district rules and regulations related to attendance, health examinations, records, grades and student conduct.  When conducting hearings related to discipline, attendance and other student matters, the Board shall afford students their due process rights in accordance with law.

    Intra-District Attendance Request form (English)

For more information, please contact:

  • Elsa Jauregui
    Superintendent Secretary
    District Office
    1720 Norwalk St.
    Delano, CA 93215