Early College Student Initiative Award 2023

  • Robert F. Kennedy High School senior, Stephanie Espinoza, received the Delano Joint Union High School District Early College Student Initiative Award by Bakersfield College at the inaugural Early College celebration held at the main BC campus. Stephanie is a first generation college student that will attend UC Davis in the fall of 2023 where she will major in computer science. She is currently ranked #3 in her class of 321 with an overall gpa of 4.61 taking the most rigorous courses offered on our campus. She has also completed all the courses necessary to be a completer in our business management pathway. In addition, she will be receiving two AA degrees from BC this spring, one in history and the other in liberal studies, closing out with an overall gpa of 3.945. She is an exceptional student respected by her peers and the faculty staff at Robert F. Kennedy High School. Stephanie has a bright future and we are happy to have witnessed all of her accomplishments while attending RFK. It is with no doubt that Stephanie will be a successful student at UC DAVIS and serve as a positive role model for those currently attending RFK and for all first generation students looking to pursue post-secondary education. 
    Stephanie Espinoza


Early College Graduates 2023

  • Congratulations to the following students who have earned an Associates degree while attending high school.

    Last First Middle Degree High School
    Acol Luis   AA-T-HIST DHS
    Acol Luis   AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Alejo Gladys Faith Garcia  AA-T-HIST DHS
    Alejo Gladys Faith Garcia  AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Aricheta Jonathan  Arellano AA-T-HIST DHS
    Aricheta Jonathan  Arellano AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Ayon-Munoz Andres Alonzo AA-T-HIST DHS
    Ayon-Munoz Andres Alonzo AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Baldone  Sadie Serenity  AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Baldone  Sadie Serenity  AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Barreto Ruby   AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Barreto Ruby   AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Bornales Krishawn Espiritu AA-T-HIST DHS
    Bornales Krishawn Espiritu AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Brown Sharae   AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Brown Sharae   AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Bumatay Gianna Reese AA-T-HIST CCHS
    Bumatay Gianna Reese AA-LIB ARTS CCHS
    Camargo-Gomez Eric   AA-T-HIST DHS
    Camargo-Gomez Eric   AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Casabar  Angel Trisha Mae   AA-T-HIST DHS
    Casabar  Angel Trisha Mae   AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Cerda Cristian   AA-T-HIST DHS
    Cerda Cristian   AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Cortez Amaiyah Alejandra AA-T-HIST DHS
    Cortez Amaiyah Alejandra AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    De Leon Jaikel Reshawn AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    De Leon Jaikel Reshawn AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Diaz Angie Abigail AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Diaz Angie Abigail AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Duran Angelina  Devorah AA-T-HIST DHS
    Duran Angelina  Devorah AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Elliott Grace Marie AA-T-HIST DHS
    Elliott Grace Marie AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Espinoza, Gutierrez Stephanie Kate AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Espinoza, Gutierrez Stephanie Kate AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Esquivel Eric   AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Esquivel Eric   AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Etrata Giselle  Viado AA-T-HIST DHS
    Etrata Giselle  Viado AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Garcia  Cis   AA-T-HIST DHS
    Garcia  Cis   AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Gomez Edwin  Osvaldo AA-T-HIST DHS
    Gomez Edwin  Osvaldo AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Gutierrez Jennevy Nava AA-T-HIST DHS
    Gutierrez Jennevy Nava AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Hernandez Julian Thomas AA-T-HIST DHS
    Hernandez Julian Thomas AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Hirokawa Annie Michiko AA-T-HIST CCHS
    Hirokawa Annie Michiko AA-LIB ARTS CCHS
    Lucas Emiliano   AA-T-HIST DHS
    Lucas Emiliano   AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Martinez  Delilah Itzel AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Martinez  Delilah Itzel AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Mata  Mariah   AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Mata  Mariah   AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Minel Nevaeh Faith AA-T-HIST DHS
    Minel Nevaeh Faith AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Montes  Isabella Madison AA-T-HIST DHS
    Montes  Isabella Madison AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Oropeza  Julisa   AA-T-HIST DHS
    Oropeza  Julisa   AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Permejo Athena Mariah AA-T-HIST DHS
    Permejo Athena Mariah AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Ramos Lhea Marie Apas AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Ramos Lhea Marie Apas AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Reyes Cesar Damian  AA-T-HIST DHS
    Reyes Cesar Damian  AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Rodriguez Esmeralda Noemi AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Rodriguez Esmeralda Noemi AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Sanchez Kailie  Lillianna AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Sanchez Kailie  Lillianna AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Serrano Jesus Gilberto Osuna  AA-T-HIST RFKHS
    Serrano Jesus Gilberto Osuna  AA-LIB ARTS RFKHS
    Valdez Tyler   AA-LIB ARTS CCHS
    Villalobos  Julius  Devon AA-T-HIST DHS
    Villalobos  Julius  Devon AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Virgil Vicki  Ilyssa AA-T-HIST DHS
    Virgil Vicki  Ilyssa AA-LIB ARTS DHS
    Zeferino Jabriela   AA-T-HIST DHS
    Zeferino Jabriela   AA-LIB ARTS DHS