Admissions Procedures for CTE Programs


    If there is a student with limited English proficiency, a staff member will assist the applicant in completing the necessary forms and assist in interpreting during the entire application and admission process upon the request of the applicant.

    Students with disabilities may voluntarily self-identify for the purpose of requesting reasonable accommodations during the entire application and admission process. Information on limited English proficiency and/or disability submitted voluntarily by the applicant, for the purpose of receiving assistance and accommodations during the entire application and admission process, will not affect the applicant’s admission to the vocational technical education program.


    The Director of the CTE program will form a review committee that oversees the selection of high school CTE courses chosen by eighth grade students. This committee may be made up of a representative from a Director of Guidance, the Director of CTE, an Assistant Principal of Student Services and CTE teacher representatives. Responsibilities of the admission committee include:

    A. Determination of standards for admission

    B. Development and implementation of admission procedures

    C. Processing of applications

    D. Ranking of students

    E. Acceptance of students according to the procedure and criteria contained in this admission policy.

    F. Establishment and maintenance of a waiting list of acceptable candidates.

    The CTE Director is responsible for disseminating information about CTE’s vocational technical education programs through local school assemblies, the CTE guidance department, press releases, and open house.


    The Career Technical Education Director disseminates information about the programs through a variety of methods.

    A. Visitations with an informational presentation to 8th grade classes in local middle schools from January to March are scheduled. The CTE admission policy is provided to all students to take home to parents.

    B. An Open House is scheduled during February. Prospective students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) have an opportunity to visit all vocational technical programs and speak with teachers as well as view a presentation about all offerings.

    C. Parent(s)/guardian(s) may schedule individual visits at a mutually convenient time.

    D. Brochures, which describe vocational technical programs including academic courses, cooperative education, and special education resources, CTE admissions Policy, are distributed during the 8th grade visitations and orientation.

    E. Freshman orientation is in August prior to school opening.

    F. Third quarter presentations to middle school classes by C.T.E. students and their teachers.

    G. CTE video information, including this policy and procedures will be posted on the DJUHSD web site.


    Application Process

    All grade eight students will apply using the following process:

    At the end of the third quarter marking period, eighth grade students interested in applying for admission in the Career Technical Education programs for the next school year must apply through the CTE guidance department.

    A. Obtain a course selection form from the CTE guidance department.

    B. Sign up for the courses they desire on the course selection form in the CTE guidance department office.

    C. Return the completed course selection form to the CTE guidance office by the deadline set by the CTE guidance department.

    Withdrawn Students

    Students who withdraw from CTE vocational technical education programs will be scheduled to CCHS education programs following the procedures contained in this admission policy and will be evaluated using the selection criteria contained in this Admission Procedure.

    Transfer Student Admission

    Transfer students from other state-approved programs are eligible to apply for fall admission or admission during the school year to the vocational technical education programs grades 9-12 provided they expect to be promoted to the grade they seek to enter by their current school. Transfer students will be admitted based on the selection criteria contained in this Admission Procedure.


    Grade Nine 1st Semester

    Students are admitted into their program of choice based on a rubric. The final rubric score determines a student’s placement. Documented rubrics will be used by the CTE program instructors to evaluate students using the following categories:

    • CTE Grades – Based on rubric score
    • Attendance while in CTE program
    • Discipline/Conduct while in tech program
    • Academic (3 Core academics are averaged. English language arts, math, science)
    • At the end of the Career Awareness Program, students are ranked according to the average of the scores they have earned. Academic grades are averaged and averaged into the total average for final student rankings. (the average of academic grades + Attendance Score + Disc. Score + CTE
    • Exploratory grade = total score / 4

    Students are then selected to enter the grade nine C.T.E. program based on their rankings. Those students still wanting to be in the program but were not selected are then placed on a waiting list. Students on a waiting list may make a request to enter a different program if openings exist.

    Written parental or guardian permission is necessary before any admissions can be made.

    Grade Nine 2nd Semester

    The successful completion of the CTE Awareness Performance in this course will determine future placement into the sophomore program. C.T.E. teachers will continue to use the rubric for determining promotion to the sophomore program.


    Final program placement into a career/vocational technical program is based on student’s score. C.T.E. instructors will evaluate students using the following criteria:

    • CTE Grades (Jan – June based on rubric scores)
    • Attendance
    • Discipline/Conduct
    • Academic grades


    Selection Process

    Students are ranked according to the points they earned. Students are then selected to enter the sophomore program based on average point totals. Those students still wanting to be in the program but were not selected are then placed on a waiting list. Students on a waiting list may make a request to enter a different technical discipline if openings exist.

    Transfer Process

    Students who wish to transfer from one C.T.E. program to another may apply for transfer. Transfer requests will be considered subject to the availability of openings in the requested programs. Each transfer applicant will be interviewed and counseled individually to determine the appropriateness of the transfer for the particular student. Transfers will be based on the student’s grades received during exploratory.


    The applicant’s parent/guardian, upon notification from the Center of Technical Education indicating that the applicant was not accepted or placed on a waiting list for particular program list, may request a review of the decision by sending a letter requesting a review to the C.T.E. Director within thirty days of the notice. The C.T.E. Director will respond to the request with the findings of the review within thirty days.