Welcome to our Career Pathways

  • Career pathways are a way to organize classes and career information on a school campus. Research shows that students learn best when content is clustered by theme and is relevant to students' interests.

    Career pathways organize student learning and reinforce high academic standards for reading, writing, and mathematics. Designed well, career pathways expand student opportunities for learning and career preparation.

    At the kindergarten through middle school level, career pathways consists mostly of awareness of careers and learning about the pathway clustering. At the high school level and above, students can actually select a career pathway of interest to give meaning to learning.

    Often pathway courses are sequenced, with more advanced topics building on introductory courses. Because core academics are taught and reinforced in a thematic way, students learn academic skills regardless of the pathway selected. In high school, students should be able to change pathways and not have their learning harmed. At the post-secondary level, career courses become more content-specific and students who change "majors" may have to start a new pathway sequence at an introductory level.

Career Pathways List

Career Pathways Course Sequence

  • Agricultural Business Career Pathway

  • Agricultural Mechanics Career Pathway

  • Business Management Career Pathway

  • Education Career Pathway

  • Engineering Technology Career Pathway

  • Fashion Design and Merchandising Career Pathway

  • Food Service and Hospitality Career Pathway

  • Patient Care Career Pathway

  • Performing Arts Career Pathway

  • Residential and Commercial Construction Career Pathway

  • Software and Systems Development Career Pathway

  • Welding & Materials Joining Career Pathway