LEA Plan

  • The purpose of the LEA Plan is to develop an integrated, coordinated set of actions that our district will take to ensure that they meet certain programmatic requirements, including student academic services designed to increase student achievement and performance, coordination of services, needs assessments, consultations, school choice, services to homeless students, and others as required. California Department of Education program staff review LEA Plans for compliance with the requirements of the ESEA including evaluation of goals and activities designed to improve student performance in reading and mathematics; improve programs for English learner students; improve professional development and ensure the provision of highly qualified teachers; and promote efforts regarding graduation rates, dropout prevention, and advanced placement. If an LEA Plan lacks the required information, CDE program staff work with the LEA to ensure the necessary information is included in the LEA Plan before recommending SBE approval. In any year, initial LEA Plans, must be approved by the SBE by its March meeting in order for the LEA to be eligible for current year funding. LEA Plans approved by the SBE after its March meeting will receive funding for future years only. LEA Plans are due no later than the first week of January of the current fiscal year, for potential placement on the March SBE agenda.